A story that really starts in 1971 with the publication of Michael Crawford and Andrew Sinclair showing how arachidonic and dcosahexaenoic (omega 3 DHA) acids were responsible for the evolution of the human brain and its function.

about us

– Our Origins

The Institute of Brain Chemistry & Human Nutrition (IBCHN) was established in 1989. Initially, the IBCHN was located in the Pathology Laboratories at Hackney Hospital and collaborated with The Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), run by Professor Kate Costeloe at the Homerton Hospital and then the Hayward Research Building, Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children, Hackney, London. It is from this research hospital that the late Dr. Bernard Laurence helped pioneer the work on maternal nutrition, breast feeding.

Today the Institute is focusing on the prevention and treatment of adverse pregnancy outcomes and brain disorders like cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, behavioural disorders, and learning difficulties.

– Board of Governors 2014 -

Dr Manahel Thabet PhD,
Raymond Keane OBE,
Major Chrostopher Robinson,
Dr Robert Lister,
Rev Paul Nicholson,
Simon House.

– Foundation Steering Committee 1989-1990

Lord Rea of Eskdale,
Sir Michel Marmot,
Professor Kare Costeloe,
Major Christopher Robinson,
Ian Dawson Shepherd,
Margret Wynn,
D Alan Garton FRS,
Chair: Cedric Hassall FRS.

– People during the last decade

Professor Kebreab Ghebremeskel Assistant Director,
Professor Ephraim Yavin,
Dr Annette Brand,
Emeritus Professor Clara Lowy,
Dr Yoeju Min,
Yiqun Wang,
Dr Bartosx Muszynski,
Dr Anton Shmelev,
Dr Rosana Cabello-Moruno,
Dr Allain Amador Bueno,
Fawad Khalil,
Marita Neville,
Dr Verena Horneffer,
Joanne Hutchinson,
Nina Brierley,
Dr Hiramits Suzuki,
Dr Karen Gaush,
Dr Shu-Ling Chaun,
Dr Enitan Ogundipe,
Director Professor Michael A Crawford.

– PhD Student successes since 2005

Dr Manahel Thabet PhD,
Kot Bol Nyuar Ahon (Juba, Southern Sudan),
Izzeldin Hussein (Muscat, Oman), ICCIDD,
Ahmed Daak (Khartoum Medical School, North Sudan),
Dr Ivan Golfetto, (Caracas Medical College, Venezuela),
George Loucaides (Inst. Genetics & Neurology, Cyprus),
Marita Neville (dietetics),
Katia Mariniello Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy,
Zahra Ahmed,
Amanda Hallot,
Ora Msika,
Rachel Gow (External PhD, Institute of Psychiatry),
Toshiko Matsudaira (External PhD student Institute of Psychiatry, Tokyo, Japan).

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