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NEWS: Fish Oil Blamed for Violent Illness... read the response [click here].

The mail newspaper, Sunday the 27th of November 2016, has come out with a story blaming fish oil, omega 3 dha for violent sickness in infants. how can this possibly be?

Please visit the news section for a detailed response. [click here]

Reason for the work of the IBCHN:

The rise in brain disorders and mental illhealth is now receiving regular attention by the media
Disorders of brain development result in a lifelong loss of brain capacity. There has been a rise in mental ill-health especially amongst children. The work of the Institute is aimed at a better understanding of brain disorders and their prevention. There is no cure for a disorder during brain development.

The European Union asked for an audit of health costs through the Union. Published in 2005 the cost of brain disorders emerged as the highest cost at €386 billion. People excused this alarming result as due to new diagnostics. Even so surely it would be a matter of concern to have brain disorders the most costly burden of ill health?
A repeat in 2010 put the cost at €789 billion. This led to us asking for a question in the House of Lords on the cost in the UK. It was not known nut the rising cost of drugs  in hospitals was. Give the Government credit they did the numbers:

Cost of brain disorders and mental-ill health in the UK

  • 2007 Dr Jo Nurse of the DoH - £77 billion.
  • 2010 Dr Jo Nurse repeat          £105 billion.
  • 2013 Wellcome Tust website   £113 billion.

The 2007 cost was greater than heart disease and cancer combined.
This rise we predicted in 1972 (see Graham Rose, Sunday Times The Acid Key to Your Brain Power, 5th November 1972 -  review of our book “What we eat today” SBN 85435 360-7).

The cause?
Failure to incorporate the unique principles of brain nutrition into education and food policy.

In particular the diminishing omega 3 DHA in the food web and the rise in competing fatty acids such as linoleic and trans isomers are adversely affecting healthy brain development. The DHA is involved in the structure and function of the signaling systems of the brain. Present food policies and intensive production methods ignore the vitally important brain specific nutrients. There is an urgent need for a paradigm shift to support brain specific nutrition. Continued increase in mental ill-health is an unacceptable and serious threat to civil society. It is the converse that is desirable leading to the advance and enhancement of humanity and peace. 

No child should be born mentally disadvantaged. Indeed, we wish to work towards all children gifted with the full mental capacity as is their right from their genetic heritage as being human.
Marine food chain for health
False claims of toxicity of  Mecury in Sea Foods


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