Past Conferences

The Hidden Hunger, 2014 Royal Society of Medicine, Food Forum, IBCHN, McCarrison Society, Chair Simon House.

Human Evolution, Past, Present & Future: London Chaired by Sir David Attenborough: 8-10th May 2013, Peter Rhys Evans Marc Verhaegan, Mario Vaneechoutte Michael Crawford Under the Auspices of The British Society for the Advancement of Science, The Royal Society of Medicine, The McCarrison Society, IBCHN

Epigenetics and the health of the next generation jointly with the McCarrison Society, Jointly. October 11th 2012.

Achievement and Challenges for Global Health 40 years on. LONDON, ENGLAND, 26-27 May 2010. Royal Society of Medicine & IBCHN .

Summer Meeting [July 10, 2009] : Guest speakers – J T Brenna (Cornell University, Ithica, USA) & S. Cunnane (Research Center on Aging University of Sherbrook, Quebec, Canada)., London UK…

Paediatric Nutrition Course – “The Role of Essential Fatty Acids in Paediatric Nutrition” [September 9-10, 2008]

International Conference on the Economic Importance of Fisheries and Their Impact on Public Health, Organised by Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition/Ministry of Fisheries Wealth/Sultan Qaboos University/The Mother and Child Foundation, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman [8-10 March, 2008]

Expert Research Workshop on Omega 3 and Other Essential Nutrients in Neurodevelopmental and Psychiatric Disorders, A Meeting of Food and Behaviour Research in collaboration with the McCarrison Society, Mother and Baby Clinic, Science Centre, London Metropolitan University [March 27th, 2007].

The Letten & Mother and Child Foundation Symposium* Neuroscience and Maternal Nutrition in HIV in Africa *: 22nd 23rd Oct -“Maternal Nutrition in HIV in Africa” at the Royal Society. “Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids from Marine Sources: Effects of Health and Child Development”, Centre National de Formation de Formatuers et D’Ingenerie de Formation, Tunis, Tunisia [May 18th-20th, 2006].

Generating Healthy Brains –Simon House, chair, Nutrients and Hormones in Development: mental health through coordinated care of life’s beginnings, The Innholders Hall, 30 College Street, Dowgate Hill, London [17th January 2006] Report on Dr Hibbeln’s presentation in this meeting in Economist (19 January Edition)

4th World Congress of Cellular and Molecular Biology Association: Docosahexaenoic Acid – A Molecule with a 600 million year history in Neural Signalling, Cellular and Molecular Biology Association, Poiters, France [7-12th October 2005].

The Letten Symposium on Brain Function and Dysfunction, the Royal Society, London [14th May 2004].

A McCarrison Society Conference: “The Elements of Health and Disease in the Soil”, Institute of Physics, London [20th November 2003].

“Nutrition and School Children – Health Implications of the abandonment of Nutrition Education“, The Medical Society of London, London [14th November 2002].

Caroline Walker Trust Lecture: Professor Michael A Crawford,

The Royal Society, London [26th October 2002].

The Anne Gibson Memorial Lecture: Manuela Martinez Infant Nutrition and

Peroxisomal Disease, University of North London [6th March 2002].

A joint M cCarrison Society Conference: “Human Genome Project, Nutrition,

Health and Food Policy”, The Medical Society of London, [19th September 2001].

A New Light on Human Origins, The Zoological Society –

Regents Park, London [22nd September 2000] .

Maternal Nutrition as the Key to the Health and Ability of the Child,

Royal Society of Medicine, [2nd December 1999].

Nutrition and Health of Children. A Global Responsibility.

Medical Society of London, London [January 1996] .

The Health of the Nation Depends on the Mother and Child,

Royal Society of Medicine, London [November 1993]


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