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Lecture by Professor Michael Crawford

Professor Crawford, in an invited public lecture at the 7th International Symposium of the World Oyster Society, makes an urgent call for a marine agricultural revolution to solve the soaring mental ill-health and help deal with climate change. 

Mental ill-health and brain disorders are now the number one cost of ill health in the West and being globalized. A continued escalation threatens humanity and peace. His call has multiple benefits: land based agriculture has reached a limit yet population continues to expand logarithmically. Marine food could fill the gap healthily. Marine food is brain food. The revolution could also impact climate change by sequestering CO2. We cannot grow any more rain forests but we can do much the same in the sea with kelp forests.

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Request for funding

The work of the IBCHN is funded by the Mother and Child Foundation.  Please help us by contributing to the cost of the research in brain development, nutrition and mental health. Based on our work we have learnt about the supreme importance of the mother. Her health during pregnancy and the future health and abilities of her child depend on maternal health and nutrition especially before conception. 

Low birthweight is associated with a raised risk of brain disorders. Low birthweight babies are usually born preterm before the completion of the brain growth thrust.  Our data has discovered a bio-marker which predicted preterm delivery with a better than 90% confidence

The marker is based on the essential fatty acids vital for brain growth and function. We have been able to confirm the link with brain development using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the baby's brain at birth.

We now need to assess this marker in a larger study which will enable us to test the link of the condition of the mother at the beginning of pregnancy with specific brain disorders such as autism, epilepsy, learning disabilities, and cerebral  palsy.  We first plan a study of 1,000 pregnancies which will inform us about common brain disorders, then 25,000 to include cerebral palsy. This larger study is feasible because Imperial College includes 5 teaching hospitals each with 5,000 pregnancies per year.

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News Item: Just Published

In this paper we describe our discovery of a marker from the red cell membrane which is a powerful predictor for preterm delivery. Preterm delivery is a cardinal risk factor for developmental disorders of the brain.

As the red cell has a half life of 120 days this marker refers to the nutritional condition of the mother in the months before conception far more than events during the pregnancy itself. It held firm regardless of the mother having a supplement or not, regardless of her developing diabetes or hypertension!

That is it is her condition as she enters pregnancy which determines her vulnerability to adverse outcomes or a healthy baby.

Link: Peri-conception maternal lipid profiles predict pregnancy outcomes

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Dr Manahel Thabet

Dr. Manahel Thabet received the Freedom of the City of London to honour her work in science, culture and education. Manahel is with Murray Craig the Clerk of the Chamberlain's Court who bestows the honour in a ceremony dating back to the 13th century.

Dr Manahel Thabet receiving the Freedom of the City of London from Murray Craig

goals of the institute

EU asked for an audit in 2004 about the cost of ill-health. Data described brain disorders at the cost of 386 billion Euros.  A cost surpassing all other burdens of ill-health. Lord Morris was persauded by us to ask the upper house the cost in the UK. Lord Warner did not know. To give credit, Dr. Jo Nurse for the Department of Health assessed the cost and reported it at £77 billion in 2007. A cost greater than combined expense of heart disease and cancer . Both were criticised as using new diagnostics. Even so, the cost above others was certainly significant. The cost for the EU was repeated in 2010 and found to be €789 billion. The UK repeat for 2010 came out at £105 billion. The Wellcome Trust had the cost for 2013 at £113 billion in 2013.

IBCHN explains this unacceptable rise, and offers the means to both prevent it and provide for continued enhancement of humanity.

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